Touch – the new model

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Touch – a profound sensual creation.

Touch – makes listening to music exciting and enjoyable.

Touch – is a great open window into the recording space.

Touch – you notice the size and scale of all instruments.

Touch – a spectacular three-dimensional imaging with fast and extended bass response and a smooth high definition linearity.

Touch Macassar


Touch was created for all music and concert lovers who know about colours of sound, the realistic space of rooms and instruments, and the great presence of the musical soul!
Our objective however is far from being spectacular – it’s essentially the recreation of the sound, the space and the rhythm of every recording – the key for delightful listening.


Frequence range: 32- 50 000 Hz
Sensitivity: 88.5 dB
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Crossover : 360 / 2280 Hz
Enclosure: closed and bassreflex – both possible
Baffle: X – shape minimize diffraction effects
Phase: driver outputs reach the listener simultaneously

Weight: 35 kg
Height: 140 cm
Width: 28 cm
Depth: 34 cm

monitor db model -Touch- is covered by a five year warranty.

Optional veneers: Aluminium, Thin-Striped black, Macassar Ebony, Rosewood Santos, Santo cathedral, Birdseye Maple